Lauren Taylor isn’t thinking about love, especially not with the impossibly attractive man she accidentally spilled coffee all over. He’s out of her league and she’s focused on finishing her oncology pharmacy residency. She’s sworn off men who are too handsome for their own good, anyway.

Andrew Bishop can’t stop thinking about the gorgeous redhead who crashed into him and then disappeared, even though he should have way more on his mind – like dealing with his Hodgkin Lymphoma diagnosis and finishing out his last year in law school. When Andrew and Lauren run into each other at the cancer center where she’s working and he’s being treated, they try to keep it professional. They can be friends, and nothing more.

But sometimes life has other plans…

What people are saying…

“Perfect Distraction made me laugh and also made my heart hurt. Just a really great romance.” –Anna Kaling, author of Not OK, Cupid

“Perfect Distraction had me hooked from the first page. Lauren and Andrew are too adorable for words. Their love story is so heartfelt and compelling. When you start this book, don’t plan on doing anything for a few hours because you won’t want to put it down.” –Sarah Smith, author of Faker

“A beautifully written story filled with humor and heart. I couldn’t put it down!” –Mariah Ankenman, author of The Best Man Problem

“I. AM. IN. LOVE. With this book!!!!! Seriously one of my ULTIMATE favorite stories! EPIC ROMANCE! LOVEL LOVED LOVED every beautiful detail. MUST READ BOOK of 2020!” -Mirtha L., Goodreads 

The writing is impeccable and a totally wonderful story and characters. And my gosh the humour – L is a pun extraordinaire & every so often they get into a battle of puns. And yes, it definitely has a happy ending, wonderfully poignant all the way through and I cried buckets.” -Linda T., Goodreads                         

“Perfect Distraction by Allison Ashley is the perfect blend of sweet, touching and emotional.” -Cynthia W., Goodreads          

“I for real could not stop reading! I cried and I laughed SO hard. This is an amazing book.” -Torrie T., NetGalley            

Sweet, emotional read!” -Alicia M., Goodreads    

I couldn’t give this 5 stars fast enough and I was genuinely shedding tears by the last couple of chapters.” -Naomi F., NetGalley

“This book was so, so sweet. It grabbed my heart from the very beginning and held it the whole way through.” -Justine F., Goodreads

“Loved loved loved this book. This has to be the most sweetest, vunerable and real book I have ever read! Genuinely I laughed and “ugly” cried throughout. The pace is perfect and a real page turner.” -Michelle O., Goodreads

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